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The Toraja Project
Registered Charity CC26900


Graham Robertson


Graham a former national president of Federated Farmers of New Zealand.   Former Nuffield Scholar.Current and previous involvement with a number of sporting, community, farming, science and statutory bodies.

Phone 03 302 8136

Dick Davison

Dick is a farmer and registered valuer from Culverden, a director of Ravensdown Co-operative and Landcorp Farming.   Dick and his wife Elizabeth have worked as a VSA volunteers in the Solomon Islands.  rdavison@clear.net.nz
Phone 03 315 8015

Kelvin Coe

Kelvin farms at Leeston, is a past president of North Canterbury Federated Farmers, is currently  Mayor of Ellesmere District and has worked as a VSA volunteer in Thailand   kjandacoe@actrix.co.nz
Phone 03 329 1768

Denis Elvidge

Denis is a former lecturer in animal husbandry at Lincoln University and has worked on development projects in Indonesia. den.ed@xtra.co.nz
 phone 03 355 4214

Estelle Elvidge

Estelle has lived in Indonesia with special interest in programmes for rural women
Phone 03 355 4214

George Brown

George is Honorary secretary/accountant, 
Brophy Knight Ltd, 144 Tancred St Ashburton            georgeb@brophyknight.co.nz  
Phone 03 308 3491

Cathie Stephens

Cathie Stephens has been crop farming in partnership with her husband Ness in Irwell for 35 years and was fortunate enough lately to travel to Toraja and see and hear first hand about the Jalesa group with whom our group works. 

Dr Ishak Bittacacca

Jill Shearer jills@robertmalcolm.co.nz
Jim Sim sim.farm@xtra.co.nz


Rev Dr Robyn McPhail